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Flat Belt Double Side

Product name:Flat Belt (Double seide)



Top face


Chrome leather

Chrome leather


Leather texture

Leather texture

Tension member:

Polyamide sheet,double ply

Special construction:

highly orientated polyamide sheet


4.0 mm



Working temperatures tolerated:


Chemical resistance:

Not sensitive to machine oils. diesel substances、petrol、benzol、common solvents, like acetone, ethylacetate, chlorinated hydrocarbon like perchlorethylene,Not resistant to organic and inorganic acids.

Delivery width up to 450mm.

Splice:Wedge overlap splice. cold-press splicing method.

Possible applications:Power transmission belt. generator drive belt, cross turn drive belt (half-crosst drive belt), fan drive belt,mufulti-pulley drive, mule drives.

Comments:Chrome leather coating particularty suitable where grease and oil is present.

Storage at normal temperature conditions 20℃/50% humidity recommended Changes in dimensions possible when conditions do not apply.

Good damping properties.

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