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How Many Does Felt Belt Joint Have

Conveyor belt can be said to be the heart of the transmission equipment, its main role is to transport products, materials, etc., In the entire transport equipment plays a crucial role.Conveyor belt joint way is also very different, according to different requirements will generally take different joint way.The following by the log power to introduce for you, the conveyor belt has what joint method.

There are three common joint ways, which are hot vulcanized joint, mechanical equipment joint and cold adhesive joint.

1. Hot vulcanized joint: this kind of joint is used relatively more, because the conveyor belt runs relatively smoothly, the joint efficiency is high, and the use cycle is long.The disadvantage is the joint to spend time and material cost is higher.

2, the mechanical equipment joint: this kind of joint is more convenient, the cost is lower, but the service life will be greatly reduced, the condition is generally not recommended to the joint way.

3, cold adhesive joint: with cold adhesive for the belt body joint, this joint way requires higher technology, and the quality of the adhesive will also produce harm to the belt body.But because it's affordable, it's also used by a lot of people.

The above is three kinds of conveyor belt joint way, according to the effect you want to achieve, you can choose their needs of the joint way oh.

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