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How to Choose Lithium Battery Felt Conveyor Belt

Felt conveyor belts are commonly used equipment on lithium battery production lines. They are mainly used to transport battery cells or battery components to various aspects of the production line. This conveyor belt is made of high-temperature and wear-resistant special materials to cope with the special requirements of the lithium battery production process. Its surface design can provide good friction to ensure stable movement of battery cells or components during transportation and avoid damage. In addition, the felt conveyor belt also has excellent high-temperature resistance and can operate safely and reliably in high-temperature environments, ensuring the regular operation of the production line.

lithium battery felt belt


Lithium battery felt conveyor belt (also known as adhesive straps) manufactured by SCPLUS offer several advantages for various battery applications and industrial batteries. These belts are truly seamless, meaning they don’t have any joints, ensuring no weak spots on the belt surface. This feature helps extend the service life of the belt and enhances its wear resistance.


One of the key advantages is the uniformity of the top and bottom surfaces of the belt. Each belt is ground to the required size for equal thickness on both sides. This uniformity is critical to maintaining consistent performance during battery bonding operations.


Additionally, these belts are manufactured in felt conveyor belt form, which may provide additional advantages for applications involving hydrogen fuel cells. Nonwoven felt materials may provide better adhesion properties during the application process.


In addition, SCPLUS can customize felt conveyor belts according to customer requirements, providing various thicknesses and sizes to suit different battery pasting applications. Typical available thicknesses include 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm and 18.0mm.

lithium battery felt conveyor belt

Overall, SCPLUS Battery Adhesive Felt Belt stands out for its seamless design, uniformity, non-woven form and customization options. These characteristics make them highly reliable and ideal for various battery bonding applications, providing better durability and performance in hydrogen-burning fuel cells.

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