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Rizhi Cutting Underlay Can Use To All Cutting Machine

RIZHI is a Cutting Underlay Manufacturer that is independently developed and produced independently, so it can provide customers with a variety of personalized production functions. Felt Conveyor Belt size, color, joint splice method, suction coefficient, friction coefficient, etc. can be customized according to customer needs.

At present, there are many digital cutter manufacturers worldwide, such as Zund cutter, Esko cutting machine, Summa digital cutter, iecho digital flatbed cutter, Gerber, Lectral, etc.RIZHI Cutting Underlay can application to any brand cutting machine.

According to cutting machine brand, cut material is different. We will recommend different models (size, color) Cutting Underlayment to customers. For example, for cutting leather, we will recommend green 2.5mm/4.0mm/5.5mm thickness cutting underlay. For relatively wide novbelt, we perform felt joint splice processing (Diamond Splice, Circular-arc Splice, Oblique Grinding Splice, Longitudinal Splice, Steel Buckle Splice).

98% Rizhi customer Cutting Felt Underlay is most commonly used Gray/ Green/ white color, 2.5mm/ 4.0mm/ 5.5mm thickness double-side. The customer also responded that since these models of felt belt can better protect the digital cutter table and blade knife, it also makes the cutting material more accurate and fast.

RIZHI will continue to invest a lot of energy on the road of research and development, I believe Rizhi will continue to provide customers with more technical solutions. Promote the mutual development of Cutting Underlay and digital cutter to solve various problems.

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