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Swiss ZUND Digital Cutter Knife Blades

Updated: Apr 29

SCplus insert products are suitable for Zund S3, G3 and L3 series. Use DRT and PRT cutter heads, which are made of tungsten steel. Our blades for Swiss Zund cutter types include Sharp Blades, Flat Blades, Rotating Blades, Circular Blades, Round Shank Blades, etc. Blades of different shapes and models will have different cutting depths. You can consult our sales if you don’t know how to choose when purchasing. These blades suit fiberglass, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, and textiles. Our blade models will correspond to Zund cutter models, with many series.

Zund cutting knife blades

Flat blades (UCT, SCT, insert sleeve 40): Z6, Z10, Z11, Z44, Z46, Z101, Z102, Z103, Z83

Round blades (C2, C2P, KCT, KCM-S): Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z7

V-cut blades: Z70, Z71, Z701, Z73

Mat-cutting blades (PPT): Z30, Z33, Z34, Z35

Oscillating blades

Oscillating blades are used in EOT/POT oscillating tools for cutting thick and tough materials.

Oscillating blades - pointed: Z16, Z17, Z20, Z21, Z22, Z60, Z66, Z601, Z606, Z608

Oscillating blade - flat: Z26, Z41, Z42, Z61, Z62, Z63, Z64, Z68, Z69, Z82, Z201, Z202, Z203, Z204, Z603, Z605, Z607

Rotary blade

Rotary blades - decagonal blades - are used in DRT/PRT tools for cutting breathable materials such as textiles, carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc.

Rotary blades: Z50, Z51, Z52, Z53

Coated Knife Blade: Z42c,Z50C,Z51C,Z52C,Z104C,Z206C,Z609c

We are highly specialized in manufacturing custom leather cutting knives and blades per sample and drawing. If you need your custom leather cutting knives manufactured to your exact requirements, please contact us now to see how we can get you the quality knives exceeding your requirements at a competitive price and always delivered on time.

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