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Product Description

Standard blades are suitable for JWEI cutting machines.
This blade is ideal for cutting foam, ABS plastic, plastic corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, gray cardboard, wire loops, carpet, O-rings, carbon fiber prepreg, etc.
If you need more blades, we can provide custom blade services.


JWei knife blade main model:
J201,J202,J203,J204,J205,J206,J208,J301,J302,J303,J304,J306,306T,J307,J308,J309,J310,J311-1,J312,J314,J315,J316,J319,J320,J321,J323,J327,J333,J341,J350,J351,J360,J365,J603,J367C,J371,J373,J374, etc.


Application Of SCplus Knife Blade
Zund, Esko, Aristo, JingWei, iECHO, Comelz, Atom, Elitron, Kuris, etc.


Product Application

J327 JWei Knife Blade For Jingwei Cutting Machine

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