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Product Description

Performance <1% elongation at 30KG/CM (20MM thick)

Size Width <3800MM

Length: 1000~6000MM



Minimum perimeter of 2.95m-50m in width of 3400MM

Minimum perimeter of 1.5m-50m in width of 2500MM

Minimum perimeter of 6m-50m in width of 3800MM


Product Description

Working principle of thermal Heat Resisting White 8mm Felt Belt 230ºC for felt AD-R80W is to rotate the drum type thermal heat press temp for felt roller calender at high temperature. The dye sublimation printing blanket uses heat to transfer the ink on the paper backing to special materials, including fabrics and ceramics.
Mainly used in sportswear, swimwear and outdoor banners, flags and other fabrics.


Product Application

Heat Resisting White 6mm Felt Belt 230ºC

Color: white

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