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How Conveyor Novbelt Is Used In Digital Cutter Machine

Digital Cutter Machine Novbelt must first confirm during use

Digital cutter machine size;

Cutting machine is fixed or turntable;

What products are mainly cut (advertising paper, corrugated paper, clothing, shoes, etc.);

What is felt belt joint method;

Knife blades cutting depth and other special requirements.

Novbelt joint splice

After confirming, start to select the desired conveyor belt model (novbelt thickness 2.5mm, 4.0mm, 5.5mm etc.). Rizhi Conveyor belt color can be customized (felt conveyor belts gray, green, white, blue etc.). Gray or green 4.0mm thickness Novbelt often used by cutting machine manufacturers such as zund, esko kongsberg, comelz, and Aristo.

conveyor novbelt

Installing novbelt on cutting machine

Felt conveyor belts manufacturer will pass the felt through the bottom roller, and place the teeth on both sides on the side of the cutting table to facilitate subsequent joints. Then press the weight of the tooth well, align the conveyor belt and press the weight on both sides of the tooth belt opening to prevent slipping. After the felt conveyor belt manufacturer weighs it, apply glue and apply the glue evenly around the diamond joint splice. Pay attention to put some waste paper under the glue to prevent the glue from leaking to the countertop and blocking the air intake.

felt conveyor belt

Novbelt joint splice

Industry felt belts have the characteristics of good adhesion and not easy to loosen. After the glue is applied, align and press the teeth on both sides until they are flat. Make sure the teeth are neat. Make sure the teeth are aligned with the teeth to prevent deviations after the joint. During hot pressing, the ultra-long Teflon cloth provided by the cartoning machine manufacturer must be placed under the joint, and the industrial iron is adjusted to the specified angle for preheating. After the preheating is completed, the rectangular Teflon cloth is placed on the tooth pad under the iron. Iron back and forth. Then chisel it flat. Novbelt manufacturers recommend using some hard objects to help remove the remaining glue on the teeth to make the pressure teeth neat. When the edge banding is completed, the edge banding cloth should be glued to the left and right sides of the joint, and it can be hot pressed with an iron.

cutting novbelt

After installing the digital flatbed machine Novbelt, you still need to test its use. For example, whether there is noise during the use, is there any deviation, can you work smoothly, etc. Rizhi is largest Novbelt supplier of China. For more details about cutting machine novbelt, please kindly have a visit by the link:

The video of how to install digital cutter novbelt:

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