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Digital Cutting Machine Felt Conveyor Belt

Digital cutting machine felt tapes are widely used in industrial applications. Industries with large usage include cutting machines, logistics, steel plates, printing, and packaging industries.

Felt conveyor belt is a type of conveyor belt. Like other conveyor belts, its main function is to transport goods. However, in addition to conveying materials, it can also be used for material cutting operations, so felt conveyor belts can be widely used in various modern applications. Material cutting field. In addition, the belt has the magical effect of being wear-resistant and preventing the belt from scratching the surface of items during transportation.

Felt conveyor belt for digital cutter

Features and advantages of felt conveyor belts

1. Resistant to cutting, wear-resistant, non-slip, soft surface, good toughness, not easy to damage the surface;

2. The felt is tight and strong, with no lint on the surface, no shaving, no slag, no deviation, and no edge warping;

3. Large pulling force, small elongation, and good surface anti-slip ability;

4. Good air permeability, wind absorption ability and excellent flexibility;

5. Add new composite fiber to resist cutting and have good breathability;

6. Developed new joint technology, which increases firmness by 30%;

7. Add a tensile layer (core material). The overall tensile strength of the felt belt is increased by 35%;

Cutting industry

The cutting machine industry is mainly dominated by digital vibrating knife and CNC cutting machines, mainly used in clothing packaging and other industries.

The cutting knife needs to contact the surface of the conveyor belt, which requires the conveyor belt to have good resistance to cutting; sometimes, the material is light and easy to fly, which requires the conveyor belt to have suction characteristics;

Cutting equipment requires precise positioning, which relies on electrical support and conveyor belts with low flexibility and anti-skid surfaces.

Steel plate industry

The steel plate industry mainly includes transverse and longitudinal shearing and stamping equipment, mainly used for raw material processing of steel plates.

The steel plate industry mainly considers that the usual products of shearing equipment are relatively sharp, which requires the conveyor belt to have strong cutting resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance and other characteristics;

The main products of stamping equipment will fall quickly, which requires the conveyor belt to have good impact resistance; some steel plates have smooth surfaces and cannot be scratched during processing, so the belt body needs to be soft and not easily scratched.

digital cutting machine felt conveyor belt

SCplus Belt, Felt Conveyor Belt Features

It is suitable for all major vibrating knife cutting machines, circular knife cutting machines, single-layer cutting machines, foot pad cutting machines, clothing template machines, and composite material cutting machines in the market.

Applicable to equipment manufacturers such as Esko, Zund, Summa,iecho, Jingwei, Ruizhou, Aoke and other digital cutter manufacturers.

SCplus Belt digital vibrating knife felt conveyor belt improves your cutting efficiency, and we look forward to your inquiry.

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