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Digital Cutter Grey 4.0mm Cutting Underlay for USA

Digital die cutter cutting underlay is widely used in vibrating knife cutting machines, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines. Digital die cutter cutting underlay plays an important role in cutting leather, carpet, fur, fabric, car foot mats, paper sheets, etc. So choosing a suitable felt conveyor belt can solve many problems encountered in cutting. The following is an introduction to our SCPLUS universal zund cutter felt.

Digital Cutter Grey 4.0mm Cutting Underlay

We supply our customers in the USA with gray 4.0mm thickness ZUND digital cutter felt belts. Our felt solves the problem of unevenness when cutting paper at high speeds and leaves no traces at each process stage. It also meets the anti-static requirements. Perfect for customers to solve their cutting problems.

SCPLUS 4.0mm digital die cutter cutting underlay feature

1. Felt belt is fine and uniform, with good flexibility

2. Add new composite fiber cutting resistance, good air permeability

3. Unique splicing method developed by ourselves, 80% stronger than the traditional splicing method

4. Adding a tensile layer, the overall tensile strength of the felt conveyor belt is increased by 50%.

5. The raw material is made of first-grade material. The novo felt belt has good quality and high durability.

SCPLUS 4.0mm digital die cutter cutting underlay

SCPLUS conveyor belt leading digital cutter felt belt manufacturer

Advantage of flatbed digital cutter felt belt :

–Low noise

–Good Flatness

–Good fit on machine

–Buffer Resistance

–Good Friction

For the both felt belt we provide the Splicing Methods:

Vulcanized, Seamless, Staple Lace, and Steel Lacing

With the Spec,That is why our customers usually select the cutting carpet mat to replace their used conveyor belt on their logistics equipment.

If you want to know more the product’s details or have any inquiries of this product, please contact us and visit our official website

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