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Heat Resistant Felt In Aluminum Extrusion Industry

SCplus belt specializes in producing high-temperature resistant felt products for applying aluminum profiles after thermal processing. The main products include seamless ring belts, felt rollers, flat felt strips, aluminium anti-scuffing protection strips, aging felt covers, timing belts with felt, high temperature gloves, etc. The temperature resistance is 600°C, 500°C, 280°C and 180°C. Over the years, SCplus conveyor belt manufacturer has served many manufacturers of aluminum extrusion profiles and equipment at home and abroad.

Heat Resistant Felt In Aluminum Extrusion

What are heat resistant felt Conveyor Belts in Aluminum Extrusion Industry Made From?

Heat resistant Felt play a critical role in the aluminum extrusion industry. However, not every industrial felt is made from the same material – and a few of the most common materials include the following:

- PBO synthetic polymers are designed to withstand exceptionally high temperatures

- Kevlar materials are designed to provide strong, heat-resistant fibers

- Nomex flame-resistant materials, offering good thermal, radiation, and chemical resistance

- Polyester materials offer an affordable conveyor solution for the end of the processing line

Each of these different materials lends itself to heat resistant nomex felt in the aluminum industry in different ways. Fortunately, if you’re ready to learn more about conveyor belts in the aluminum extrusion industry, our experts have the experience to help inform your decision.

Industrial Felt is mainly used for aluminum extrusion production lines, including Initial Table, Run-out Table, Pick-up Table, Cooling Table, Stretcher Table, Storage Table, Finish Cut Saw Table, Aging Furnace, etc. And it fit different types of handling system.

SCplus Belt is nomex felt conveyor belt manufacturer. We can provide a professional solution for you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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