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How About Rizhi Transmission Belt

Rizhi Transmission of Power System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. located in the most prosperous city in China-Shanghai.

We are the most professional belt supplier and designer in China, mainly specialize in transmission belt with various kind of materials. Such as felt, pu, pvk.

In the past decade, we dedicated in develop products, accumulate a large number of patented designs, finally Rizhi become the professional supplier in belt area. We have our own factory and lab in Shandong China, annual R&D expenses more than one fifth of total sales.

Rizhi Transmission have covered so many areas, there are logistics,cutting, washing, tyre,food,printing,paper,heavy industry.

Currently in China almost all of the cutting machine manufacture and equipment customers are our clients, we provide professional technical support and on-site installation service to our clients. At the same time, by cooperate with us, our clients reduce their cost in felt belt and improve profit.

Generally speaking, a piece of felt conveyor belt can be used about half year, but according to our clients’ feedback, in the same using case our products lifespan more than a year, this not a coincidence, it depend on our technology accumulation year in year out.

After collect plenty of requirements from our customer. Now we focus on develop different colour and size felt belt/underlay/novobelt. Such as green felt belt for leather industry, In order to cope with high load working environment we have produced the felt belt with the thickness of 4.0~5.5mm,By raising the thickness we have got the result that increase the use time to improve the flatness of the table. Without doubt that customer improve their working efficiency by cooperating with us.

Rizhi dedicated in provide professional service and products to every our clients. Be faced with many equipment users, may be they are not familiar with the belt size on their cutting machine. At this moment, our professional sales and technician will ask the model which our clients are using now, most of models we have the specific belts on our hand. Even though meet some unpopular models with a small probability. We technician will confirm with users by phone and vedio. At the same time, we will also give customers the method of accurate measurement. Provide a good service to customers has always been our aim.

Not only the domestic customers, but also we have the prefect export process. From make quotation or PI to export declaration even though the shipping cost, We can all  provide clear and accurate documentation. Nowadays our aim not just have an trading with customers but also become an supplier partner in China. We have commissioners to contact China's major freight forwarding companies. In the end choice a higher cost performance shipping way to our clients. Targeting to some unique customers we can accept their freight forwarding company.

After-sales service and customers feedback also the important point that we always focus on. From a small company to the industry number one, the way we achieve the success absolutely depend on the support of our new and old customers. Including different useful feedback and improving advice.

While maintaining domestic advantages, Rizhi Transmission belt decide to spend all the resource to develop overseas market. We have already targeted 60 well-known overseascutting machine brands. In order to meet the needs of the high-end requirements from overseas, our Shandong factory also plan to purchase new equipment to improve our product power.

Not only Rizhi pay attention to cost performance, but also we hope become a synonym for high-end products at home and abroad.

In the way of cnc oscillating cutting machine, we are try my best to become an one-stop supplier. Some extra parts such as industrial glue and knife. All of these parts will become the important point of our future development. For our technician we also organize technical training. In the case of on-site installation service we hope our technician can help customers to adjust their cutting machine. Good products and good user experience is our ultimate goal.

If you would like to cooperate with a static and better supplier, Rizhi Transmission Co., Ltd. always waiting for your inquiry.

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