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PVC Conveyor Belt

Product details:

In the transportation system, we are committed to the development of

Develop PVC Conveyor Belt without plasticizer to make it safer. The physical and mechanical properties were further optimized. To improve its performance and prolong its service life.

In order to maximize adaptation to the environment while increasing the product’s advantage,

The SCPlus has filed a new patent that significantly increases surface friction.

Make transportation more convenient and safer.

Our aim is to continuously improve the sustainability and efficiency of our own activities. Or even come up with better solutions.

In order to achieve this goal, we continue to innovate in the use of materials, and new technology applications in the production process.

Color(surface/subface): Black

Texture(sur/tensile layer): PVC Cross Lines

Weight( Kg/m2): 2.5

Min drum diameter( mm): 40

F/E at 1% ( N/mm ): 8

Temperature range( °c): -10~+70

Number of coating: 2-PLY

Thickness( mm):2.5

Max width( mm): 3000

Surface cross grain makes other friction greater, widely used in telescopic machine transport,

Fast logistics transport, airport baggage transport.

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