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Aristomat Protection Carpets Felt Belt for Aristo SL Series Flatbed Cutter

High density cutting underlay for conveyor systems and static tablesThe materials used to produce the mats and conveyor belts are of the highest quality to ensure the highest cutting precision and quality. They offer a high level of breathability, a strong adhesion coefficient and optimum cut resistance, thus ensuring a long service life.

Aristo GL Series - Aristomat Protection Carpets Size

1300 x 950 x 3 mm

1300 x 950 x 4 mm

1250 x 2800 x 3 mm

1250 x 2800 x 4 mm

1300 x 1700 x 3 mm

1300 x 1700 x 4mm

1250 x 4600 x 3 mm

1250 x 4600 x 4 mm


Cutting underlay conveyor belt joint methods:

Diamond Splice, Circular-arc Splice, Oblique Grinding Splice, Longitudinal Splice.

Aristomat Protection Carpets for Aristo SL Series Cutting Underlay