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Product Data Sheet

Name: Clipper Joint Grey Felt Belt Thinkness 2.5mm

Joint Style:Clipper belt

Product model: NN-17E/R25

Colour(surface/subface): Grey

Weight(Kg/m2): 1.6

F/E at 1% ( N/mm ): 10

Temperature range( °c): -20~120

Number of coating: 1-PLY

Thinkness( mm): 2.5

Foodgrade: No

Max wideth( mm): 2000


Product Description

Conveying surface features: Anti-static, flame retardant, low noise, impact resistance

Splice Types: Preferred Wedge splice,others open splice

Main features: Excellent sports performance, good abra sion resistance, low elongation, high electrical conduct! vity, excellent flexability

Available : roll belt endless blet Pre-openingbelt or bonding

Application: paper cut,printfold,package belt

Brand Application: Zxxd,Exxo,Lxxxa,Axxm,Sxxxa cutting machine and so on

Product advantages:  Felt belt with perforated or bonded guide baffle belt with mechanical buckle joint


Product Application

Clipper Joint Grey Felt Belt Thinkness 2.5mm

Color: grey

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