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Product Data Sheet

Name: Double-side Felt Belt Thickness 4.0mm

Product model: NN-17E/R40

Colour(surface/subface): Grey/Green

Texture(sur/tensile layer): Felt Belt

Weight( Kg/m2):1.8

F/E at 1% ( N/mm ): 5

Temperature range( °c): -10~120

Number of coating: 2-PLY

Thinkness( mm): 4.0

Foodgrade: No

Max wideth( mm): 2000


Consulting and Technical Support:
Fully provide the best and reliable consulting and support service in a customer oriented manner.
Customer Training Program:
SCPLUS provide training and supporting tools to ensure us that our product can be used wisely.
We can provide suitable conveyor belts with your specific request.


The price is subject to the latest price after consultation.


Product Application:

Double-side Felt Belt Thickness 4.0mm


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