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Product Detail

Elitron KOMBO EL TY-L3 Cutting Underlay 1300x1700x3 mm Protection Carpet

Cutter Brand: Elitron
Long: 1700mm
Width: 1300mm
Machine Model: KOMBO EL
Thickness: 3.0mm
Replacement: Yes    
Color: Gray


Conveying surface features: Anti-static, flame retardant, low noise, impact resistance

Splice Types: Preferred Wedge splice,others open splice

Main features: Excellent sports performance, good abra sion resistance, low elongation, high electrical conduct! vity, excellent flexability

Available : roll belt endless blet Pre-opening belt or bonding

Note: Novo conveyor cutting underlay belt material can be cut to custom widths. Pleae contact me with your requirements.


Additional Information

The pulley diameters are valid for a hot spliced belt and at the indicated belt force. Depending on the splice and working conditions (e.g.temperature), different pulley diameters may be possible or necessary. When fasteners are used the minimum diameters are increased by approx 50%. Consult our specialists for available profiles and accessories.

Product Application

    Elitron KOMBO EL TY-L3 Cutting Underlay 1300x1700x3mm Protection Carpet

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