Product Description

Felt Belt Hot-pressing Glue NNK18

1. Use a special brush to apply glue evenly on the grinding head to prepare the joint
2. The double-sided joint machine is hot-pressed at a temperature of 135 degrees Celsius, under a pressure of 2-3 bar, and hot-pressed for 5 minutes; the single-sided joint machine is at a temperature of 145 degrees Celsius, under a pressure of 2-3 bar, and a hot-pressed minute
3. When the temperature is reduced to about 60 degrees Celsius after hot pressing, you can remove the felt belt
4. After removing the belt, repair the head. When repairing the head, the leaked adhesive must be polished off with a grinding wheel or fine sandpaper. Never leave adhesive on the surface of the felt belt
5. Normal operation after one hour

Brand Application: Zund,Esko,Lectra,Atom,Summa, Mimaki cutting machine and so on


Product Application

Felt Belt Hot-pressing Glue NNK18

Color: red

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