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Felt Belt Joint Process
1. After the teeth at both ends of the belt are finished, the teeth at both ends must be aligned, as far as possible without leaving any gaps between the teeth
2. After finishing the teeth, the two sides must be placed with litter to align
3. Hot pressing under the conditions of temperature 150 ℃ and pressure 2 ~ 3bar
4. Remove the belt when the temperature drops below 60 ℃
5. Repair the cushion material placed on both sides of the connector

6.Brand Application: Zund,Esko,Lectra,Atom,Summa cutting machine and so on


Notes on Felt Belt Joint
1. The pair of teeth must be aligned, and no gaps can be placed up 1-2mm.
2. Machine is equipped with two stainless steel plates and two Teflon cloths. When the double-side novo belt is connected, the upper and lower surfaces are all smooth, and the single-side novo belt is green.
3. The pressure is not easy to be too large, and excessive pressure will cause indentation at the position of the belt joint.
4. Temperature must be increased twice when using a single-sided joint machine. The first time the joint temperature is turned off at 150 ℃, the machine will have a buffer that can reach 160 ℃, and the temperature will naturally drop to below 100 ℃. Turn on the machine to reverse the conveyor felt belt. Come over for a second temperature rise, turn off the power when the temperature reaches 150 ° C, and naturally drop the temperature to 60 ° C to remove the belt.
5. It is recommended to add a layer of adhesive film on the surface if the gap between the joints does not overflow.


Product Application

Felt Belt Joint Splice Press Machine

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