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Product Data Sheet:

Name: Double-side Grey Felt Belt Thickness 5.5mm

Product model: NN-17E/R55K

Colour(surface/subface): Grey

Texture(sur/tensile layer): Felt Belt

Weight( Kg/m2):3.2

F/E at 1% ( N/mm ): 17

Temperature range( °c): -20~100

Number of coating: 1-PLY

Thinkness( mm): 5.5

Foodgrade: No

Max wideth( mm): 2000


Consulting and Technical Support:
Fully provide the best and reliable consulting and support service in a customer oriented manner.
Customer Training Program:
SCPLUS provide training and supporting tools to ensure us that our product can be used wisely.
We can provide suitable conveyor belts with your specific request.


Product Application:

Product Data Sheet Name: Double-side Grey Felt Belt Thickness 5.5mm


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