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Product Description


Recommended materials:
Carpet, Fabric, Fabric Aramid, Fabric Carbon, Fabric Glass, Fabric Polyester, Felt, Paper, etc.


Compatible Brand
Aoke-Kasemake, Atom, Balacchi, Blackman & White, Bullmer, DRD, DYSS, Ecocam, Filiz, Haase, Humantec, Ibertec, KSM, Lectra, SCM, Samurai, Summa, Texi, Torielli, USM, Wild Leica, Zünd, iEcho.


Suitable for digital cutter: BT-2352 Summa 500-0862 500-9862,Zünd Z52 3910337,MultiCam 003612-MC52-ROTAR,Gerber MCT R52/ R52-V, Blumer B52, iEcho E52,Blackman & White BW52


Product Application

Rotary Knife Blade 52K For Digital Cutter

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