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Product Description

ZUND Z11 Blade Double Edged Carbide Drag knife Blade 60° for ZUND S3 Digital Cutter

This generic set of 2 double-edged blades is suitable for Zund S3, G3 and L3 digital cutters using UCT and SCT tool heads. These flat-stock drag blades have a cutting angle of 60°, a maximum cutting depth of 6.9mm and a thickness of 1.5mm. These blades are suitable for cutting hard materials like tarpaulin material, PVC banner, polypropylene materials, polyester fabric (coated textile), vinyl, hard foam core and folding carton. These are a high quality generic blades that correspond to Zund part number 3910309 also called Z11 blades.


Products specifications
Cutting Angle: 60 degrees
Cutting Depth: 6.9mm
Type: Zund Z10 Blades


Recommended materials
Canvas, Corrugated plastic, Expanded PVC, Self-adhesive vinyls, Reflective vinyls, Folding , arton, Magnetic foil, PVC Banner, Paper, Polycarbonate, Polyester fabric, Tarpaulin

ZUND Digital Cutter Z11 Blade Double Edged Carbide Drag knife