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Product Description

Zund Oscillating Blades Knife for Paper or Leather goods Digital Cutter

Zund Oscillating Blades Material

The knife is made of tungsten carbide materials, but other materials are available. Such as HSS, 9CrSi, Cr12Mo, VW6Mo5, Cr4V2, hard alloy, etc.

Sharp edge
The knife edge is sharp, smooth, sharp and durable, imported precision processing equipment can process a variety of non-standard products to ensure the precision of the products.


Tungsten carbide cutting blades are suitable for cutting Kt board, adhesive sticker, corrugated paper, paperboard, foamed PVC sheet, ABS board, gasket, tapetum lucidum, carbon fibre prepreg, PVC, PE, XPE, PU leather, genuine leather, tapetum lucidum and so on. Carbide blades have a significantly higher life expectancy than high-speed steel blades. Greater productivity thanks to fewer blade changes. And better cutting quality thanks to the blade‘s precision finish and high stability.

SCplus OEM Cutter Blades- Types of ZUND Cutting Blades 

SCplus Zund oscillating blades are used in Zund cutting machine.

Zund: Z10, Z11, Z12, Z13, Z16, Z17, Z18, Z20, Z21, Z22, Z23, Z26, Z28, Z29, Z30, Z33, Z42, Z46.

Zund Z10(3910301), Zund Z11(3910309), Z16(3910306), Zund Z17(3910307), Zund Z20(3910313), Zund Z21(3910314), Zund Z22(3910315), Zund Z23(5005560), Zund 26(3910317), Zund Z28(3910318),Zund Z29(3910319), Zund Z30(3910330), Zund Z31(3910331), Zund Z33(3910333), Zund Z34(3910334), Zund Z35(4800071), Zund Z41(3910323), Zund Z42(3910324), Zund Z42C(5203005), Zund Z43(3910325), Zund Z44(3910340), Zund Z46(4800073), Zund Z50(3910335), Zund Z51(3910336), Zund Z52(3910337),Zund Z53, Zund Z55, Zund Z60(5201345), Zund Z61(5201343), Zund Z62(5002488), Zund Z63(5002637), Zund Z64(5002739), Zund Z66(5200479), Zund Z68(5204301), Zund Z69(5204302), Zund Z70(5005642), Zund Z71(5006045), Zund Z73, Zund Z82, Zund Z83, Zund Z1, Zund Z2, Zund Z3, Zund Z4, Zund Z5.

Zund Oscillating Blades for Paper or Leather Digital Cutter

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