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Product Description

ZUND Z10 Blade Double Edged Carbide Drag knife Blade 50° for ZUND S3 Digital Cutter

This high-quality generic set of 2 blades is suitable for Zund S3, D3, G3, L3 & PN series digital cutters using UCT and SCT tool heads. These flat-stock drag blades with a very small overcut have a cutting angle of 50° and a maximum cutting depth of 4.8 mm. These blades are suitable for tarpaulin materials, PVC banners, reflective vinyl, polypropylene materials, coated textiles, folding cartons, vinyl and hard foam core. These high-quality generic blades correspond to Zund part number 3910301, also called Z10 blades.


Products specifications
Cutting Angle: 50 degrees
Cutting Depth: 4.8mm
Type: Zund Z10 Blades


Recommended materials
Canvas, Corrugated plastic, Expanded PVC, Self-adhesive vinyls, Reflective vinyls, Folding , arton, Magnetic foil, PVC Banner, Paper, Polycarbonate, Polyester fabric, Tarpaulin

ZUND S3 Digital Cutter Z10 Blade Double Edged Carbide Drag knife

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