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Felt Conveyor Belt for Oscillating Knife Cutter

Felt conveyor belt is called "felt belt" for soft conveying. Felt conveyor belt has the function of soft conveying in the process of high speed conveying and protects the conveyance from being scratched. Safety felt conveyor belt is friendly to the environment with little noise.

Felt conveyor belt of oscillating knife cutter is widely used in industry, and the industries with large amounts are cutting machine industry, logistics industry, steel plate industry, printing and packaging industry, etc.

Felt belts are divided into double-sided felt belts and single-sided felt belts.

Cutting machine industry felt belt

The cutting machine industry is mainly automatic cutting machine CNC cutting machine, mainly used in garment packaging and other industries.

Cutting knives need to touch the surface of the conveyor belt, which requires the belt to have good resistance to cutting.

Sometimes the material is light and easy to fly up, which requires the conveyor belt to have the characteristics of wind absorption.

cutting equipment needs to be precisely positioned, which is not only supported by electrical aspects but also requires a conveyor belt with little ductility and a non-slip surface.

Features of felt conveyor belt for oscillating knife cutter

1. the raw material is made of A+ material, the felt belt is of good quality and high durability.

2. Using pure imported felt, felt fine and uniform, with good softness

3. Adding new composite fiber with good cutting resistance and air permeability

4. developed a new joint technology, the firmness is increased by 30%.

5. Adding a tensile layer, the overall tensile strength of felt belt is increased by 35%.

The above is the introduction of felt conveyor belt for a digital flatbed cutter. In the future, the application of conveyor belt in various industries will be more and more, felt belt the many advantages to facilitate their role in more areas.

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