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How To Extend Life Of Digital Cutting Machine Felt Conveyor Belt

Felt Conveyor Belt‍ is a commonly used digital cutter conveying equipment. By turning, it will convey various materials to a predetermined place. But felt transport conveyor belt‍ has a certain service life. If felt novo conveyor belts are not properly protected during use, the life of the felt belting will be reduced. Therefore, in order to get a better use effect, in addition to knowing which novobelt is easy to use, it is necessary to understand how to effectively extend the service life of felt conveyor belting.

digital cutter felt belt

1. Keep clean and away from high temperature

Rizhi double side 4.0mm thickness felt conveyor belt is used to zund, esko, lectra digital cutter table etc. Rizhi felt has High temperature resistant felt characteristics. However, cutting felt belts will affect the service life due to the temperature of the environment and the cleanliness of the countertop. Therefore, in order to avoid the acceleration of the aging process, it is necessary to maintain a good clean when using the felt belt. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid conveyor belt being placed directly in the sun and within one meter from the heat source to avoid impact of high temperature Aging phenomenon occurs quickly.

2. Don’t run too fast

In the process of transporting various materials, the speed of felt transmission belt‍ can be adjusted according to demand. The faster the running speed, the shorter the transfer time. So if you only consider saving time and let the running speed be too fast, it will increase the speed of cutting table novbelt wear. To extend the service life of feltbelt‍, it is necessary to control the running speed of conveying well.

felt conveyor belt

3. Direction of feeding materials should be correct and well protected

In order to prolong the service life of endless felt belts‍, the correct feeding direction should be used when using. Under normal circumstances, it should follow the running direction of the conveyance, and in order to reduce the impact on the material when it falls, a chute should be used to reduce the distance of the material. In addition, in the felt belts receiving section, the distance between the idler rollers should be shortened and buffer idler rollers should be used.

zund g3 cutting machine novobelt

If the digital cutter machine felt conveyor belt‍ can be used to effectively extend its service life. In addition to selecting the appropriate felt belt conveyor, the operator of the enterprise must also be familiar with various operating procedures and do the above aspects , In order to avoid cutting machine felt belt‍ improper use and affect the service life.

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