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Installation and Debugging Method of Felt Conveyor Belt

When other machines transport different products, the conveyor belts used are also different in industrial products.

There are also many different conveyor belts in the conveyor belt industry, such as product transportation in electronics, automobiles, circuit boards and other industries.

Need high temperature, wear-resistant conveyor belts felt conveyor belts could meet such characteristics, so these industries use felt conveyor belts.

So how should the felt conveyor belt last for a long time, and what details should be paid attention to during the use process?

SCplus will introduce you to a few things that should be paid attention to during the use of felt belts.

1. When the felt conveyor belt is running, ensure that there is unmanned inspection and maintenance on the main conveyor;

2. If the felt conveyor belt is too loose during use, it is easy to slip and fall off, which will hurt production and transportation.

Only proper tension can make transportation go smoothly. However, it needs special attention that the pressure of the felt conveyor belt should not be too high; too high stress will cause jamming.

3. When the felt conveyor belt stops or sends a stop signal from behind, it stops immediately.

Long-term no-load operation is strictly prohibited. If the load is too large, the conveyor belt will not be able to transport the felt conveyor belt, and it should be stopped in time, and the continuous start shall not exceed 3 times, and the start time shall not exceed 15 seconds each time.

4. In the process of using the felt conveyor belt, pay attention to the extensive materials or complex objects that are transported together with the materials, and remove them in time when they are found. The belt is damaged or the felt is scratched and the conveying affects the production; frequent cleaning. Manage the goods near the head of the conveyor belt so as not to burn the motor and affect heat dissipation and regular transportation.

5. When starting, pay attention to whether the sound of the gearbox and motor is typical, whether the vibration is severe, whether the temperature of the motor gearbox, large shaft, and coupling is too high, and whether the conveyor chain is stable.

The above are the points that should be paid attention to during the use of the felt belt introduced by SCplus. It specializes in the production of felt belts, light conveyor belts, heavy conveyor belts, V-belts, timing belts, special belts and other material conveying products. Please contact us or quotation.

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