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Oscillating Vibration Knife Digital Cutter Cutting Underlay

In modern industrial production, high efficiency and high quality are the goals to be pursued, and choosing the right equipment and accessories is the key to achieving these goals. The vibrating knife cutting machine's felt conveyor belt provides a new solution for production and processing. Let us explore its advantages together.

Felt conveyor belts are a kind of conveyor belt. Like other conveyor belts, their main function is to transport goods. However, in addition to conveying materials, they can also be used for material cutting operations, so cutting underaly can be widely used in various modern material cutting fields. In addition, they have the magical effect of being wear-resistant and prevent the belt from scratching the surface of the conveying object.

Features and advantages of cutting underlay

1. Cutting resistance, wear resistance, non-slip, soft surface, good toughness, not easy to damage the surface;

2. The felt is tight and firm; the surface does not shed, scratch, slag, deflection, or warping;

3. Large tensile force, small elongation, good surface anti-slip ability;

4. Good air permeability, air suction ability, and excellent flexibility;

5. Add new composite fiber to resist cutting and have good air permeability;

6. Developed new joint technology, the firmness is increased by 30%;

7. Added tensile layer (core material). The overall tensile strength of the felt belt is increased by 35%;

Application industry

The cutting machine industry is mainly based on vibrating knife cutting machines and CNC cutting machines, which are used in clothing packaging and other industries.

The cutting knife needs to contact the surface of the conveyor belt, which requires the felt conveyor belt to have good cutting resistance; sometimes the material is relatively light and easy to fly up, which requires the conveyor belt to have the characteristic of air suction.

The cutting equipment needs precise positioning, which relies on electrical support and requires the conveyor belt to have a low ductility and non-slip surface.

Traditional conveyor belts often encounter problems when cutting felt, such as felt pulling, jamming, etc., which affect production efficiency. SCplus vibrating knife cutting machine felt conveyor belt adopts vibration cutting technology to improve production efficiency and product quality. It makes the production process smoother and brings greater competitive advantages to enterprises.

SCplus cutting underlay are suitable for Zund, Esko, Aristo, Comelz, Elitron, Kuris, etc. Our felt conveyor belts are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for any brand of vibrating knife cutting machine.

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