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PVC diamond belt

Deta sheet:

Name: PVC diamond belt

Product number:01191120

Product model:E10/2V230S18


Texture(sur/tensile layer): PVC Glossy surface/PVC Diamond pattern surface


Min.pulley diameter felxing:65mm

Number of coating:2-Ply


Food grade :NO

High conductivity:NO

Flame retardant:NO

Anti-static :NO

Surface hardness:80A

Max width(mm):2000mm

Force at 1%elongation::10N/mm

Temperature range:-15℃-80℃

E10/2V230S18 Construction of product:

Character of conveyor surface: Antibacterial, mildew proof, no burrs

Joint style: Tooth-connection (priority),open

Type: roll,endless

Application: Agriculture, Canning & bottling; Building materials: Bricks & tiles

Indication of use:Slider bed, Rollers, Flat

Advantage of the product: Anti-flashing,non-fray processing, superior antibacterial and mildew resistance, easy to find oil stains

Tension layer polyester, stable

Top side material:Flexam, PVC



Bottom side material:Flexam, PVC finish profile, diamond pattern

Additional information:

We recommend to keep the belt tension to a practical working minimum to maximize the service life of the belt and machine parts.

Do not go below the initial elongation. Install the belt and tension until running perfectly under the full belt load.

Always protect belts from sunlight/UV-radiation, avoid temperatures below 10°C and above 40°C, dust and dirt. Store belts in a

cool and dry place and if possible in their original packaging.

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