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Sponge Belt

The foam material can be attached on any surface on power belt, flat belt, v-belt and various conveyor belt products.

The materials has advantages such as flexibility, good elasticity, and certain tensile strength.

The blue elastic cloth has been added to the foam surface to increase the wear resistance.

Product model: E10/2VSP280

Colour(surface/subface): BLUE

Texture(sur/tensile layer): PVC

Weight( Kg/cm2):4

F/E at 1% ( N/mm ): 10

Number of coating: 2 fabrics/2 glues

Thickness( mm): 8

Foodgrade: No

It can be suitable on:

1) Labeling Machine 2) Maternity and infant products 3) Folder Gluer 4) Electronic Products 5) Beer and Beverage Production Line

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