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The Key Elements Of Conveyor Belt Deviation

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Deviation caused by manufacturing

In the production and processing of the drum, the diameter of the two sides of the drum is different—one end has a large diameter and the other has a small diameter, which causes the conveyor belt to deviate.

The middle support frame and the side support frame of the buffer roller are not on the same parallel line.

Deviation caused by installation

The axis of the head and roller axis are not vertical to the vertical center line of the conveyor, making the supporting forces on both sides of the conveyor belt are different.

The vertical center line of idler bracket and conveyor are not vertical.

The groove angles of the skewed rollers on both sides of the grooved roller set are different.

The installation of the roller support is skewed, so that the roller support of the entire equipment of the conveyor does not have the surface at the same level, which leads to the error of the raw materials on the conveyor belt and the deviation of the conveyor belt.

Deviations caused by application and maintenance

When feeding the belt conveyor, the mistake of raw material on the conveyor belt is biased to one side.

When the conveyor encounters sticky and difficult-to-clean raw materials, it changes to the roller and the lower bracket, and the buffer roller sticks to the raw materials, causing the conveyor belt to run off.

The uneven compression of the taut equipment causes the tilting of the taut rolling barrel and the deviation of the supporting forces on both sides of the conveyor.

When the plow-type star unloaded is used for pouring, if the angle of view on both sides of the double plow-type star unloaded are different or the length of the two sides are different, it will cause the conveyor belt to deviate; using the unilateral plow-type star Type unloaded makes it easier to deflect the conveyor belt.

When the cleaner is being cleaned, the working pressure released on the conveyor belt is uneven, one side is large and the other side is small, resulting in different supporting forces on both sides of the conveyor belt and deviation.

Deviation caused by the natural environment

Belt conveyors for outdoor installation and very long distance belt conveyors will also cause the conveyor belt to run off due to changes in temperature caused by wind, rain, or snow.

Deviation caused by the conveyor belt itself

The uneven pressure on both sides of the core layer of the conveyor belt, especially the steel cord conveyor belt, the galvanized steel wire ropes on both sides are unevenly compressed, which will eventually cause the conveyor belt to run off.

Conveyor belt manufacturing is not standard and is looped, causing deviation.

The compressible strength should be ensured for the quality of the conveyor belt, and it also should be ensured that the laser cutting edge of the connector is vertical to the center line of the conveyor belt, so that the two sides of the endless belt after the connector have the same length, or the conveyor belt will be deflected.

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