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Timing Belt From SCplus


Material: Polyurethane

The powerful SCPLUS timing belts are the result of consistent further developments.

The SCPLUS timing belts more compact drive solutions that help cut costs when purchasing new belts and pulleys.

The optimized interplay of the Rubber and components guarantees the SCPLUS timing belts an extremely economical solution for a wide range of applications.

Technical Parameter Product name: Polyurethane annular timing belt

Operating temperature:-30℃~+80℃

Weight:About 0.002kg/mm

Minimum wheel diameter:About 38.2mm

Specification model:T0-2100

Connection method:Annular seamless

Tooth pitch:About 10mm


Surface Material:Polyurethane

Thickness:About 4.5mm


Food Grade:No


Application Range:

Good performance in horizontal direction,anti-noise, oil-resistance, strong elongation.

The main application for this product are: Tyre industry,PV industry, Heavy industry

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