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To Protect your Felt Conveyor Belt

What are the characteristics and precautions for the use of Felt conveyor belt?

1. Avoid the roller being covered by the material, causing the rotation failure, and prevent the leakage of the material from being stuck between the roller and the tape,

Pay attention to the lubrication of the movable part of the conveyor belt, but do not oil the felt conveyor belt;

2. Prevent a load of conveyor transmission belts from starting;

3. The deviation of the Felt transmission belt should be taken promptly to correct it;

felt conveyor belt for washing industry

4. When the felt conveyor belt is found to be partially damaged, it should be repaired in time to avoid expansion;

5. Prevent the felt conveyor belt from being blocked by the frame, pillar or block material, and prevent it from being broken

6. The felt belt is resistant to high temperature and cutting, has good flatness, good air permeability, and good toughness. It can be used under high temperature and low-temperature conditions in internal mixing equipment.

felt conveyor belt for paper industry

China Shanghai SCplus is a professional conveyor belt manufacturer. It has advanced production equipment and a professional R&D team.

SCplus felt conveyor belt application: cutting machine, paper industry, washing industry, etc. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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