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What are the advantages of felt conveyor belts

With the rapid development of the machinery industry, the application of conveyor belts has become more and more extensive, and its types are also more abundant. Felt conveyor belts are one of the common ones. This conveyor belt is similar to the blankets we usually see, but it It is used to convey products. What are the advantages of felt conveying? Why do so many customers love it? SCplus will give you a brief introduction to this conveyor belt product.

Stronger tensile performance

The characteristic of the stable quality felt conveyor belt is that the overall tensile performance is very strong. It mainly uses the strong industrial belt polyester cloth as the main raw material and adopts the current relatively new bonding technology to fuse them, which is designed in this way. The felt conveyor belt has very strong tension and is not prone to breakage during use.

Smooth surface will not harm items

The appearance design of the felt conveyor belt is very soft and will not cause any damage to the surface of the article. Especially when it is used in some ceramic industries, it often has an excellent protective effect on the surface of the article, and it also has good impact resistance. Keep items stable during transportation.

Does not fade and does not stick to hair

The design of the new felt conveyor belt adopts the fusion method of the hot melt machine. This method allows all materials to be tightly integrated and maintained in shape. The finished endless belt will not only not fade, but also will not appear sticky. In the case of Mao, it is more advantageous in use.

The characteristics of felt conveyor belts are very good elasticity, very strong tensile force and very wear-resistant, which can meet the actual use requirements of different fields in production. At the same time, the felt conveyor belt also has a very good antistatic function, so it will not be interfered and affected by external static electricity in the actual manufacturing. It can bring a lot of help and benefits to the entire production. This is why more and more is an important reason companies purchase felt conveyor belts.

The above is an introduction to the usefulness of felt conveyor belts. This conveyor belt has many advantages and a wide range of applications. If you are interested in felt conveyor belts, please feel free to contact us.

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