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What are the categories and industry applications of felt and conveyor belts?

Felt belt is also called felt conveyor belt. It is widely used in industrial applications. The industries with large consumption include the cutting machine, logistics, steel plate, printing, and packaging industries.

First of all, let's take a look at the categories of felt conveyor belts.

1. Double-sided felt tape

2. Single-sided felt

3. Stickable felt

After introducing the types of felt conveyor belts, SCplus Belt will look at the characteristics of felt that are mainly selected by various industries for choosing felt belts. Take the cutting and steel plate industries as an example.

1. Cutting machine industry

The cutting machine industry mainly focuses on automatic and numerical control cutting machines, mainly used in clothing packaging and other industries.

The cutting knife needs to touch the surface of the conveyor belt, which requires the conveyor belt to have good cutting resistance;

Sometimes the material is relatively light and easy to fly, which requires the conveying feature of suction;

The cutting equipment needs precise positioning, which not only depends on the electrical support but also requires the conveyor belt to have small flexibility and the ability of the surface to be non-slip;

Based on the above conditions, the felt conveyor belt has become the first choice for automatic cutting equipment.

2. Steel plate industry

The steel plate industry mainly comprises horizontal and vertical shearing and stamping equipment, mainly used for the raw material processing of steel plates.

The steel plate industry mainly considers that the usual products of shearing equipment will be relatively sharp, which requires the conveyor belt to have strong cutting resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance and other characteristics;

The main products of stamping equipment will fall quickly, which requires the conveyor belt to have good impact resistance;

Some steel plates have a smooth surface and cannot be scratched by steel plate during processing, so the belt needs to be soft and not easy to scratch the product's characteristics.

The above industry application characteristics include the characteristics of felt conveyor belts. Let's make a summary below.

Features of felt conveyor belt or felt belt:

The characteristics of cutting resistance, wear resistance and puncture resistance;

Soft texture, not easy to scratch the product, extremely flexible (except for single-sided felt);

High tensile force and low elongation;

High surface friction;

Has good air permeability.

The above is the introduction and industry application of some characteristics of the felt conveyor belt, that is, the felt belt. In the future, the application of the conveyor belt in various industries will increase. The many advantages of the felt belt will help it play a role in more fields.

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