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Why Cut Leather Chooses Green Conveyor Felt Belt

Reasons for choosing green Felt Belt Conveyor for automatic cutting machine leather

1. The two colors are easy to distinguish

Rizhi Transmission can custom produce novo conveyor belts of various colors / thickness. The largest sales volume is 2.5mm / 4.0mm / 5.5mm Grey Novo Belt and 2.5mm / 4.0mm / 5.5mm Green Felt Belt.

Digital Cutter cut leather. Green Cutting Mat can be easily distinguished from leather color. Make the cutting machine cut leather pattern more accurately.

2. Easy to form an image

Because the automatic cutting machine pre-sets the cutting image and then cuts the leather. So if you choose a cutting mat of other colors. In this way, leather is not easy to image, which will lead to incorrect imaging. This affects the utilization rate of the whole leather. There is no difference in price and material between the green conveyor felt belt and other color felts. Therefore, green felt belting is more cost-effective.

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