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Welcome To Rizhi Conveyor Belt

2019.9.25 China Washing Exhibition & China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition grand opening.

Rizhi is displayed to everyone with the best products and the best service attitude. Our outstanding products include high temperature felt tape, washing felt tape, ironing tape, cutting machine felt belt, high speed running felt belt and so on. The high temperature felt strip can be used in 2200C, 3000C, 5000C machines. Our joints are extremely innovative: diamond-shaped teeth, circular-arc teeth, ring-to-belt joints, splicing longitudinal joints, steel clasp joints, etc., depending on the mode of use.

At this exhibition, we will have very good and professional staff to answer all kinds of questions on the spot and provide you with various solutions.

Rizhi power waiting for you in Hall N, looking forward to your arrival.

Rizhi transmission belt please enjoy it together

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