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PU Conveyer Belt


Product name:PU Conveyer Belt

Product model:E8/2U239S35

TexIure(superce/lensile layer):PU/FABRIC


Thinkness (mm):4.0

Nmber of coatlng:2-PLY

Temperature range(c):-20~100

weignt (Kg/ m):4.0

Force at 1 % elongation (N/mm):17

Min. pulley dliameter flexing(mm):86

Food grade:YES

Hecrical resistance (Q):YES

Flame resistance:NO

High conductivily:YES

suriface hardnessA):90

Maximum wieth(mm):3000

Additional imformation

The pulley diameters are valid for a hotspliced belt and at the indicated belt force.Depending on the splice and working con-ditions (e.g.temperature), different pulleydiameters may be possible or necessary.When fasteners are used the minimum dia-meters are increased by approx.50%.

Consult our specialists for available profilesand accessories.

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