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Cutting Underlay For Kongsberg Cutting Table

Cutting underlays for Kongsberg cutting tables are essential components that enhance cutting performance and prolong blade life. These underlays provide a stable surface for cutting materials, ensuring precise and clean cuts. They are designed to fit specific Kongsberg table models and come in various sizes and thicknesses to accommodate different cutting needs.


Cutting Underlay For Kongsberg Cutting Table


Blade Protection: The underlay absorbs the cutting pressure, protecting the blades from damage;

Improved Cutting Quality: They provide a stable and grippy surface, ensuring accurate and clean cuts throughout the material ;

Extended Blade Life: By reducing wear and tear on blades, the underlay helps blades last longer, reducing maintenance costs;

Enhanced Cutting Performance: Provides a stable surface for materials, resulting in precise and clean cuts.


SCplus Cutting Underlay Features

Thickness Options: Available in thicknesses ranging from 2.5mm to 5.5mm, providing options for different cutting requirements;

Surface Hardness: The surface hardness of these belts is typically around 70 N/mm, ensuring durability and longevity;

Conveying Surface Features: The belts are designed with features such as anti-static properties to enhance performance and safety during cutting operations.


Cutting Underlay for esko

Esko Kongsberg cutting tables use cutting underlays to protect the table and ensure clean cuts. These underlays are typically made of materials like PVC or felt and come in various thicknesses and sizes to fit different Kongsberg table models. SCplus Belt provides a stable surface for cutting and helps extend the life of the blades. Our underlays are designed for specific Kongsberg models, like the XE SERIES 10 or XL 22 SERIES, offering features like improved blade durability, clean cuts, and reduced dust. High-density cutting underlays are also available for static tables and conveyor systems, which are compatible with automatic cutting machines from Esko, the manufacturer of Kongsberg tables.

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